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Global Star Capital  only welcomes referrals or project submissions from fully screened intermediaries/brokers.  Do not submit a project or refer a potential client to us without following our mandatory protocol.

We assure your protection in receiving commission. The bottom line is that we look for solvent projects and solvent clients that can actually be funded by our private sources through their facilitators.  We have put our foot down on this industry due to the multitude of novice entities claiming to fund projects such as the stay at home moms who feed babies while posing as money brokers, college students who work at your favorite coffee house and pose as intermediaries on their breaks or everyone and their brother on the "Linkedins" of the world--you understand what we mean.  

If you want results and paid accordingly under the agreements with your clients, you will become fully screened by our company and start this process immediately. 

As a "broker" or intermediary, you need to ask yourself if you are struggling to find true funding sources and avenues for your clients.  If you are struggling (like 99% of the "brokers" or intermediaries we have seen in our many years), we can solve that problem.  However, you must follow our rules or we will not deal with your clients.

The golden circle of Global Star Capital's success, our protocol and access to our founder Rich Cocovich is exactly what has eluded you and your clients in the past. 

To learn more on how to a become fully screened intermediary or "broker", please keep reading  and follow the exact steps we require.

We find that a large majority of intermediaries or "brokers" are complete novices in our industry. We have also found that many people have tried to steal our philosophies and consulting ideas/capabilities (stay at home moms and coffee shop workers as explained above).  They have all failed because at the end of the day, they cannot bridge the gap for a client with true money to fund projects. Most people posing as "brokers" and/or intermediaries are unethical. In conjunction with the above, terrible advice, greed plus leading clients down dead end paths has prompted our screening process to be created. Thus, we keep moving forward as a company ethically, based on this protocol that no other entity is privy to.